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Robot Barista to Debut in Texas

briggo robot barista logo

Look for the Briggo logo coming soon to a coffee kiosk near you

Robot Barista Emulates Honduran Barista

Mr. Roboto has learned to make espresso — or at least that’s what the owners of Briggo, who have created a robot barista, believe. Charles Studor told the Daily Texan that he was fascinated by baristas he’d watched making coffee in the Honduras, and couldn’t understand why that quality of coffee couldn’t be replicated in the U.S. The key was in consistency, he decided, and nothing is more consistent than a robot.

Studor went to work and designed a robot barista — it’s not a machine, he insists — that perfectly replicates the actions of a champion barista and delivers barista quality¬† coffee. Studor and his partners — president and CEO Kevin Nater, chief information officer John Craparo and director of coffee and kiosk operations Patrick Pierce, developed what they call “intelligent coffee kiosks” and brought in all the forces of social media and high tech mobile apps to power their invention.

The first robot barista will debut November 15 at the Flawn Academic Center at The University of Texas at Austin. Students will be able to order their favorite espresso and coffee drinks at the kiosk or via a mobile phone app that allows them to choose their drink, customize it with milk, sugar and syrups, and pay for it remotely. They’ll also be able to save their favorite drinks, which will be stored in a database for easy future ordering.

In addition, the mobile app will make it easy for them to post their favorite coffee indulgences to their Facebook and Twitter accounts and share them with friends. According to Studor, the beans for each coffee drink are measured, ground and tamped fresh for each coffee exactly as if a human barista was performing the actions. The difference is that, unlike a human barista, a robot barista performs those actions exactly the same every single time, so you’ll have the exact same coffee every single time.

Briggo uses coffee beans sourced from Cafe Feminina Peruvian, a fair trade organic coffee cooperative, as well as hormone-free milk. The company plans to install the robot barista kiosks in four to five more locations around Austin within the next few years.

Briggo isn’t completely eliminating the human touch. Each robot barista will have human attendants to help guide users through setting up their coffee orders and provide the cup for their drink.

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