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Iced Coffee Recipe: Iced Cappuccino Saigon

iced cappuccino in blue glass

Beat the heat with a sumptuous and refreshing iced Vietnamese coffee — with velvety foamed milk

With temps expected to be in the high 90s again today, hot coffee just doesn’t seem to appeal — but iced coffee is a necessity! Around here, we started icing the coffee in mid-May when the heat index started hitting the high 80s, and we’ve been drinking it that way ever since.We’re among the Philistines who happen to like cream in our iced coffee, but has never thought of icing cappuccino before. We also love Vietnamese coffee, but it took a deluge of Vietnamese iced coffee recipes in the Coffeebreak.Today mailbox to trigger this elegant and delicious iced coffee variation.

If you’re looking for a truly decadent — and deliciously different — way to enjoy your cappuccino addiction, this iced coffee recipe just might fill the bill. It combines the important elements of Vietnamese coffee and cappuccino to create a rich, sweet and creamy Vietnamese iced coffee drink you’ll enjoy as much for dessert as you do for your coffee break.

Make it with coffee ice cubes to keep it coffee-strong from start to finish.

Making Coffee Ice Cubes for Iced Coffee

Brew a pout of double strength coffee. Pour it immediately into a plastic ice cube tray. Cover with plastic wrap to keep out any freezer smells. Freeze. Makes 10-12 iced coffee cubes that are ideal for making iced coffee granita or iced coffee crush.



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