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How to Celebrate National Espresso Day

espresso gelatin parfait

Enjoy Espresso Gelatin Parfait

It’s National Espresso Day — Celebrate!

You may love the bean every day, but today is the day to truly celebrate one of the most luscious, deliciously concentrated forms of coffee, the essence of coffee distilled, the smooth, the dark, the delicious — yes, it’s National Espresso Day and we’ve got 5 ways to celebrate deliciously.

1. Start your National Espresso Day with espresso the quick and easy way. The CBTL Contata makes real espresso the easy way — you just drop in a capsule, press a button and watch the velvety crema trickle into your cup. The Contata has a 15-bar pump, so you get true crema on your real espresso, not some fake, enhanced crema¬† that you get with other single serve espresso machines. (For the record. CBTL provided me with a Contata to review for another website).


myPressi twist from Amazon

myPressi Twist espresso maker

2. Have espresso at your desk with a myPressi Twist, the easiest handheld espresso maker available. You don’t need any outside power source. Just drop in a pod, add hot water and pull the trigger for fresh, hot, delicious espresso, at your desk or anywhere you want.

3.Support your local indie coffee house. Skip the big box espresso — doesn’t that just sound wrong? — and hit your local indie coffee house. Ask the barista to pick his or her favorite espresso for you and enjoy!

4. Turn a friend on to espresso. You must have friends who are espresso virgins, who still think that a good ol’ cup of joe is the ultimate coffee experience. Make them a perfect espresso and serve it up with a delicious Italian pastry. What better way to celebrate National Espresso Day than by making a new espresso convert.

5. Enjoy an incredible dessert made with the very best espresso you can make. Try my recipe for Espresso Velvet Parfait, found over on my ROASTe  blog.


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