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Hand-powered Espresso at Bargain Price

minpresso screen capture$39 Minipresso Hand-powered Espresso Machine on Preorder

A few years back, I fell in love with the Handpresso, a portable hand-powered espresso machine with sleek good looks and an awesome advertising team. It was introduced at a time when the typical “entry level” espresso machine priced in at about $400, so its $120-ish price ticket didn’t seem so outrageous. It was, however, way outside my own budget restrictions.

The Handpresso broke ground in the portable espresso machine category – hand-powered espresso machines that use no electricity and are small enough to pack in your briefcase or backpack. It was followed by The Nomad, the Mypressi, the Rossa, and the ultimate hand-powered espresso machine – though not quite as portable – the Rok. They were all lovely, all claimed to make excellent espresso and all, well, expensive. Now, don’t get me wrong. They were mostly beautiful machines. They were aimed at the high-end espresso market, and were priced to reflect that.

Enter the Minipresso, which is set to start shipping in early 2015. Priced at just $39 US. this nifty little hand-powered espresso machine looks like it has it all – sleek styling, hand power, beautifully portable. It ticks off boxes that earlier, more expensive hand espresso machines missed.

Minipresso Features

  • Pump it up with air pressure – no need for nitro chargers
  • Pumps to 16 bars of pressure, ideal for espresso
  • Packs into a compact 7″ tube for easy packing
  • Weighs just .8 lbs – yes, that’s 8/10ths of a pound
  • Uses ground coffee or Caffitaly coffee capsules
  • Includes a built-in cup
  • Optional larger water tank to make two espressos or a lungo
  • Lock-in-place pressure button
  • Just $39 in pre-order

And can I just stay I’m absolutely charmed by the awkward English, with the not-quite-perfect diction: when the makers say the Minipresso lets you masterize your espresso, you know exactly what they mean, right?

I’m going to try to get my hands on a pre-order sample and give it a test. If I’m successful, I’ll fill you in on the quality!

Here’s a look at the Minipresso in action:

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