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Dunkin Donuts App for On the Go Refuels

dunkin donuts welcome screen mobile appIf you’ve been waiting for a Dunkin Donuts app for your iPhone, your wait is over. The Dunkin Donuts app has arrived and it’s available for the iPhone, the iPad and for Android. You can download it at the App Store or at the Android store so you’ve got it handy for your next Dunkin’s run.

So what can you do with your Dunkin Donuts app? The Home Screen

Intuitive interface lets you get right to where you want to be. Tap:

  • Pay to set up your Dunkin Donuts card, add money to it or pay for your purchases at stores that accept electronic payments.
  • Menu to figure out what’s available and help you decide what you want, and get nutrition information for your selections.
  • Find restaurants close to you, no matter where you are
  • Gift your friends with a coffee or buy them lunch directly from the app


dunkin donuts app gift screen

Want to thank someone or send them a birthday gift? Create a virtual Dunkin Card for them. You can

  • choose any amount from $2 to $100
  • pick from a variety of designs
  • send your gift via text, email or Facebook



dunkin donuts app store finder screen

Map Dunkin Donuts locations near you from within the Dunkin Donuts app, or search by city and zip code. Tap a store name to find out:

  • Address
  • Phone
  • Hours of operation
  • Availability of electronic payments
  • Baskin-Robbins locations & K-cup availability
  • Drive thru availability


dunkin donuts app menu screen

Check the Menu screen for:

  • Menus selections
  • Nutrition information
  • Allergens
  • Ingredients



And, since your Dunkin Donuts app accesses your real money, it allows you to set up a PIN so that you can protect your coffee funds. What more could you want — well, except for free coffee!

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