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Dream Up Espresso Machine

ascaso dream up

With professional quality components, a thermoblock boiler and a 3-way solenoid, you’d expect the Ascaso Dream Up to cost considerably more than it does. Affordable and stylish, it’s a great choice for someone looking for an entry-level espresso machine.

I fell in love with this baby when I first laid eyes on it three years ago and I still lust after it — especially in love red. Its retro good looks make it   the perfect choice to go with my quasi-official popcorn coffee roaster. The throwback style is what first caught my eye about it, but the more I read, the more I liked what I saw. Take a quick look at the features video and I’ll see you on the other side to talk about it some more.

So here’s what we love most about the Ascaso Dream Up espresso machine.

Thermoblock Boiler

The inox and aluminum boiler reaches high temperatures quickly, and its large size guarantees plenty of water for espresso and for steam. There are two thermostats to control the temperature of the coffee and the steam separately and protect the machine from overheating. The Inox circuit keeps the hot water hot, while reducing lime scale build up to keep your machine in good shape for far longer than traditional materials.

16 Bar Pump

The Ascaso Dream Up has a professional grade 16-bar water pump for proper pressure and distribution of water over the coffee grounds.

3-Way Solenoid Valve

The 3-way valve controls the flow of water from the pump through the group head. When you pull a shot in an espresso machine without a solenoid valve, you have to wait for the group head to depressurize before removing the filter and brewing another shot.

Professional Components

Ascaso is a premier builder of commercial espresso machines, and they’ve transferred their knowledge to the home market — but they didn’t stop there. They also use professional quality components in making their home espresso machines. The Ascaso Dream Up espresso machine comes standard with a chromed brass portafilter and stainless steel filter baskets. Our only disappointment with the Ascaso Dream Up is that it comes with a pressurized filter for “enhanced” crema. We’re not big fans of pressurized baskets. Luckily, Ascaso uses standard components, so it’s easy to swap the filter basket out for a non-pressurized version — or even a bottomless portafilter.

Special Cappuccino Steam Pipe

The steam pipe for the milk steamer is specially designed to make frothing milk for cappas and lattes effortless.

Removable Water Tank
The 1.3L water tank is removable for easy cleaning and filling at the sink — but it’s easily accessible so that you can even add water to it while the machine is in operation.

Style and Utility

The exterior temperature gauge is a stylish accent, but it’s far more than that. It provides temp readings in C. and F. for both the boiler and the steam chamber so you can easily temperature surf to get the water just right for your brewing.

Quality Materials and ConstructionNo ABS casing or cheap plastic components here. The Ascaso Dream Up body is made of professional grade steel and painted with industrial-grade food-safe enamel. It’s available in 13 gorgeous colors — and a couple of funky patterns — so you can easily find a model that fits your dream kitchen perfectly.

The Ascaso Dream Up espresso machine is widely available at bargain prices that generally bring the high quality machine well into the mid-range region of $500-$700. If you check around on eBay and other sites, you can often find it for even less.

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