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CoffeeBreak.Today is a site about coffee for coffee lovers of all stripes and types. I learned to love coffee at the elbow of my Italian grandmother, who roasted green coffee beans in a cast iron pan on a wood-burning stove and poured coffee over my corn flakes instead of milk. Over the years, I’ve sucked up and sucked down more than my share of mediocre coffee and far more than my share of incredibly good, amazing, makes-you-want-to-weep-for-tastebud-joy coffee.

Coffee and I go way back. I grew up on Eight O’Clock coffee, had a long-term romance with Dunkin Donuts coffee and a short fling with supermarket “specialty” coffee before discovering the joys of roasting my own coffee in a battered $5 air popper. Most of the time these days, the coffee I drink was bought green, roasted in the popcorn popper and brewed up in a stove top Bialetti moka pot. I drink fresh-roast coffee, cook and bake with home-brew coffee and even make my own body scrub with coffee grounds and glycerin. I own more coffee-making devices and accessories than I do pots and pans, and few things tickle me more than trying a new method of making coffee.

Despite all that, I’ve never been a coffee snob. I keep a jar of instant in the pantry for my best friend, who likes it with three packets of sweetener and half a cup of milk, and I manage to make it without cringing or proselytizing. A few years back, I wrote my coffee manifesto for a friend’s coffee site. It goes like this:

“Drink what you like.”

That’s right. Coffee is a matter of personal taste. If you like coffee in your drip coffee maker, go for it. You’re not ruining good coffee, you’re simply making it the way that you like it. I won’t preach the evils of the percolator. If you like your coffee perked, go for it. I’ve even stopped trying to convince acquaintances that if they only tried REAL coffee, they’d never drink the swill they enjoy again. Because honestly, If you like it, it’s not swill. So here is my coffee manifesto.

Coffee is good. Good coffee is better. Good coffee made the way that YOU like it is a cup of nirvana. Don’t ever let yourself be intimidated or shamed by your coffee preferences. There is no shame in liking perked coffee. It’s all in your taste buds. Buy what you like. Drink what you like. And don’t let anyone ever tell you that your coffee isn’t good enough.

Deb Powers

2 Responses to "About"

  1. Luciana says:

    Hello, Deb,
    first of all, Happy 2016!

    I live in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and I write a flyer for a coffee company (Valorização/Valor Café).

    I would love to use it in my next flyer your post about the Bard and Coffee –

    May I have your permission? Obviously I will refer to your blog.



    1. Deb Powers says:

      Luciana, I just spotted this comment that got lost in our spam queue – of course you have my permission to reprint this post. It was a lot of fun to write!

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